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Please know that we respect your wish for safety and convenience, and we offer all therapy services (with the exception of select groups) via a HIPAA compliant teletherapy platform, if that is what you prefer.

Empowered Girls Empower Girls

6 Week Therapeutic Art Group Sessions
14 – 17 Year Old Girls
January 17 – February 21, 2021

 Individual Adult

We welcome adults of all ages into our practice. You will find a comfortable, beautiful and peaceful environment here. You will be offered a cup of tea, a listening ear and a cozy nature-filled space. If you find movement helps you think and talk, you are welcome to take a walk with your therapist around our very own lake. If talking alone is not an easy way for you to process your thoughts and feelings, we will offer you art-based therapeutic interventions. Whatever your needs are – you will feel better here.

Some of the most common issues in adults that we treat are:

  • anxiety disorders of all kinds
  • depression and grief
  • adult ADHD
  • past trauma and PTSD
  • life stage adjustment – loss of spouse or job, divorce, transition
  • parenting and marriage concerns
  • goals setting and accountability for high-achieving individuals who are interested in positive psychology and living their fullest thriving lives.

 Individual Adolescent

Teens are tough psychotherapy customers. They have a lot to process, but trusting a strange adult is difficult for them. Our therapists go out of their way to ensure that they have a warm working relationship with each teen. We stock special teen-appropriate therapy games and toys and have some art-based tricks up our sleeves, as well. We have gorgeous outdoor treatment areas for those patients who find comfort in nature. We include the parent in treatment every step of the way in a manner that will be appropriate for your child’s age and stage. Additionally, we will work closely with teachers and other providers (pediatricians, psychiatrists, tutors) in order to ensure that our treatment plan is consistent with their desired outcomes for your teen.

Some of the most common issues in kids we treat are:

  • anxiety, fears and OCD
  • attention, concentration, ADHD and executive functioning issues
  • depression, grief, self-harm and negative mood
  • use of substances
  • adjustment to life events, such as divorce or a new school
  • past trauma and PTSD
  • depression, grief and negative mood
  • difficulty making and keeping friends
  • difficulties at school

 Individual Child

Seeking psychotherapy services for your child is a big decision. We take this responsibility very seriously and will include you in treatment every step of the way in a manner that will be appropriate for your child’s age and stage. We have a room full of therapeutic toys and games, and each child is encouraged to adopt a live plant in our office to encourage personal connection to our space and to promote responsibility for another live being. Our waiting room is fully equipped with wi-fi, coffee, a homework station and an art area for parents and siblings to wait comfortably. Additionally, we will work closely with teachers and other providers (pediatricians, psychiatrists, tutors) in order to ensure that our treatment plan is consistent with their desired outcomes for your child.

Some of the most common issues in kids we treat are:

  • anxiety and fears, such as tantrums at school drop off
  • attention and concentration issues
  • depression, grief and negative mood
  • past trauma and PTSD
  • anger, aggression (hitting, yelling, biting) and acting out
  • sibling rivalry and lack of family connection
  • depression, grief and negative mood
  • inconsistent parenting and lack of agreement between co-parents
  • whining and lack of cooperation, such as during the morning rush
  • difficulty making and keeping friends
  • adjustment to new events, such as divorce, a new sibling or a new school
  • difficulties at school

Parenting Support

Being a parent or a step-parent is a difficult and often thankless task. Many people expect to simply know what their children need, and find themselves baffled by their kids’ tempter tantrums, fears, mood swings and misbehavior. We are here to help. Our parenting experts will help you learn about your specific child, his or her unique needs, abilities and disabilities and will help you acquire and implement parenting skills that will work for YOUR family.

Some of the most common types of parenting support we offer are:

  • referrals to professionals for psychiatric or psychological evaluation and treatment planning based on the results
  • school match service – finding the perfect local school for your child or teen
  • helping co-parents, whether married or divorced, get on the same page with parenting
  • understanding ages, stages, developmental abilities and disabilities and tailoring your parenting to your child
  • school consultations
  • understanding yourself and your coparent and how your personality, strengths, family background and mental health impact parenting and your children
  • ideas, support and accountability in implementing best family practices – rules, allowances, chores, family meetings and many others.

Art Therapy

Words are hard. No, really, words are extremely difficult. Especially for those moments of life that are unspeakable and especially for our children who may not have the brain structures needed to clearly communicate their many thoughts and feelings.

This is where art therapy comes in handy. We cannot expect children to walk into an office, sit down on the couch with a cup of tea and immediately dive into what is on their mind like we (sometimes!) can do. Children learn through creativity, play, through experience, and through imagination. Therefore, we can only expect children to be able to express themselves in the same way. This is why we offer Art Therapy, a type of psychotherapy where the creative process is used to help express and understand how you or your child thinks, feels, and acts on a deeper level.

Art Therapy is used to improve:

  • You or your child’s thought process
  • Physical daily functioning
  • You or your child’s daily impact from traumatic life experiences
  • Self-esteem and self-awareness
  • Emotional resilience, insight, and social skills
  • The resolving of family conflict and distress

*You can learn more about art therapy at:

Sand Tray Therapy

Imagine you are sitting in the soft, clear sand, watching the waves of the crystal blue water wash up around your feet, and slowly return back to the crystal blue ocean. You push your hands slowly down into the warm sparkling sand until you begin to feel the coolness and weight of the earth. It calms you, it grounds you, it allows you to be at peace, for once.

Now imagine feeling this every week in therapy. Allowing the sand to work its soothing magic will allow your mind and body to be at ease, making space for all of the thoughts and feelings you seem unable to express otherwise.

In sand tray therapy, we will utilize sand, a safe container, and familiar figurines and props to relax, play, and explore. Sand tray is for both children and adults who find they may benefit from a different approach to therapy rather than traditional talk therapy.

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In addition to providing therapy in our cozy Bloomfield Hills office, we offer teletherapy to clients who reside anywhere in the State of Michigan, on your time and in the comfort of your home (or office, or dorm room, or man cave or she-shed…).

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